What are some of the low-maintenance landscape options?

What are some of the low-maintenance landscape options?

Everyone loves a perfectly manicured garden with beautiful spring flowers. But such landscapes can prove to be high-maintenance. You will have to spend hours tending your garden, and flowering plants are susceptible to various diseases. You will have to check for diseases and incorporate proper insect and pest control methods so that the plants flourish. You will also have to apply insecticides and pesticides regularly to keep your plants healthy.
Along with that, plants need to be fertilized and watered correctly to ensure that they flower on time. All of these require regular tending and care. If you cannot manage to do these all by yourself, you will have to hire a gardener to do it for you. But numerous softscape options are low on maintenance but can make the front yard of your home look beautiful. Similarly, various landscape options are easy to maintain and can make your home look modern and unique.

Some of the low-maintenance landscape options that you have are as follows:

Plant flowers that are low on maintenance

If you want numerous flowering plants in your garden but do not want to spend hours maintaining these, then consider planting flowering plants that are hardy and pest resistant. For example, you can plant perennial flowering plants that will survive even through harsh conditions. Some of these plants can grow with minimum maintenance, and you can see beautiful flowers in your garden. If you have permanent planters in your garden, then it is a good idea to have perennial flowering plants sowed in the planters. These plants become dormant during the winter snow and again start sprouting in spring. You can hire a gardener to help you with the initial planting, and after that, you can maintain the plants by yourself.

Install a lawn

Lawns can make a landscape look beautiful and completely change the appearance and appeal of your home. You can install a lawn in the front and the backyard of your house. Lawns are easier to maintain, and you can easily hire professional lawn maintenance personnel to remove the weeds from the lawn and trim the grass. Similarly, you will find that lawn maintenance is easier compared to other types of landscape installations. Experts mention that with minimum maintenance, you can ensure that the lawns in your house have the original vitality and beauty throughout spring and summer. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to water the lawn regularly during the dry season so that the grass does not dry up. Other than that, you will not have to do much to maintain the lawns of your house. You will also find that the lawns remain one of the major attractions of suburban houses, and these can make your home look beautiful.

Plant trees

If you want something permanent in your front or backyard, then you can consider planting trees. However, it would be best if you did this only in consultation with expert landscape artists. The primary reason for this is that you need to understand the type of trees you can plant in your garden. Your landscape expert will guide you regarding the following factors:

  • He will help you select the trees that require minimum maintenance. You might not be aware which trees are ideally suited for the weather of Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, or Leduc. But a landscape expert can guide you regarding the trees that are ideally suited for the region.
  • He will help you select suitable locations to plant the trees. It would be best if you did not plant the trees too close to your house as this can lead to untoward incidents in case of storms or heavy snowfall.
  • You can plant evergreen trees as these will not shed their leaves even in winter. This can add a touch of color even to your winter garden and require the least amount of maintenance.

Trees require minimum maintenance and all you need to do is trim these occasionally. You can hire maintenance staff to trim the trees, and you will have a beautiful and well-maintained garden.

Stone installation

You can stone installations as a part of the landscape along with trees, plants, flowering plants, and lawns. These form a part of the hardscape and require minimum to zero maintenance. The stone installations can be in the form of pathways, walkways, and even a fountain placed in the center of your front yard. Pathways made of Pavel blocks can provide a touch of sophistication and contemporary appeal to the landscape of your home. Moreover, you do not have to worry about maintaining the pathways and the walkways of your home.

Similarly, if you had other stone installations like a fountain or a barbeque pit, it can give a completely new look to the garden. Maintenance of a fountain does not require extensive efforts. All you have to ensure is that there is no debris in the motor pumping water into the fountain and that the fountain itself does not become dirty. The same applies to any other stone installations. You will have to cover the stone installations during winter so that these do not get damaged due to snow and ice. If you place specific stone installations in your garden, you will find that these last for a long time, and these do not get damaged easily.

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