Lawn Care

Regular lawn care service in Edmontond
Lawn care service includes weeding, rolling, mowing, sweeping, watering, fertilizing
Enjoy with our family in clean lawn

Lawn is a primary feature for the landscape and is essential features for the land. A good lawn improves the appearance of the building, enhance its beauty, increase convenience and add monetary value to the property. It is not a difficult to maintain the lawn but it need constant care.

More greenery more beautiful environment.

Maintenance of a lawn includes


Weeding is the most important aspect of the lawn maintenance.


to help the grass anchor itself securely and also keep the surface levelled.

Mowing the Lawn

Grass could not grow more than 5-6 cm in length in any season. Mowing is important in lawn maintenance.


After mowing sweeping is important for the health of the grass.


Frequently light irrigation is the best way to maintain law.


The final step in the maintenance of the lawn is to fertilize it on time.

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