What are some of the best hard landscape elements to add to your home?

Best hard landscape elements that homeowners can add to the front and backyard of their home

When you think of improving your home’s look and appearance, the best way would be to add landscaping elements to the front and backyard of your house. This can not only give your home a modern and sophisticated appeal but also make your home stand out in the neighborhood. When you add hard landscaping elements or ‘hardscapes’ as these are popular, you add customized features to your home’s front yard or backyard, which will make your house unique. However, before you start building one such hard landscape construction as a part of your home, you must know more about the standard ‘hardscapes’.

Best hard landscape elements that homeowners can add to the front and backyard of their home

Some of the best hard landscape elements that homeowners can add to the front and backyard of their homes are as follows:

  • Stone or paved driveways
  • Stone patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Stone walkway

Stone or paved driveways

The common notion is that driveways are made of concrete and usually lead to the garage or the front end of your home. This is one of the most common and regular elements of any home in Canada. However, you do not have to settle for a concrete driveway. If you want to construct a hard landscape in your home’s front yard, which is easy to maintain, but at the same time elegant in appearance, you can opt to install a stone driveway. You can choose to have a driveway made of Pavel blocks or cobblestones. These not only give the driveway a sophisticated appearance but can completely change the appearance and façade of your home. Moreover, compared to other hard landscape options installing a stone or paved driveway is easier. It is also a functional and practical feature and one that does not need extensive maintenance.

Stone patios

You must have seen wooden patios installed in the front yard or the houses’ backyard in your neighborhood. These patios require extensive care and maintenance, especially with the amount of snow that Canada receives every year. Moreover, wooden patios must be kept free of dirt, grime and moisture; otherwise, the wooden planks can rot away, and you will need to replace these to keep the patio functional. However, suppose you install a stone patio in the backyard. In that case, you will not only be enhancing the overall appearance of your home, but you will also make it easy for you and your family to maintain and enjoy the patio. Stone patios are permanent fixtures or installations in the backyard of a home, resulting in hard landscapes. You can choose stone patios of various designs, and such an installation can completely change your house’s look and feel. It can give your home a more modern and sophisticated look compared to a wooden patio.

Retaining walls

If you think of retaining walls simply as limestone walls running across the backyard of your house, then you are mistaken. Nowadays, retaining walls are designed to be an integral part of a house’s landscape design, and it is considered a part of the hard landscape. You can choose to install stone retaining walls in your home’s front yard or backyard to give it a modern and contemporary look. The retaining wall no longer has a blank appearance. Sometimes these have abstract features in the form of landscaping rocks as a part of the walls. The retaining walls can also be made of designer tiles that can add a touch of color to the landscape. If you want, you can install geometrically perfect well designed retaining walls that run parallel to the existing landscape features in the front yard or backyard of your home. Sometimes homeowners opt to install stone retaining walls to give their homes a vintage appeal. Thus, depending upon the look and feel you want your home to have, you can select the design of the retaining wall of your home.

Stone walkway

Just like a stone driveway, you can think of building a stone driveway as an integral part of the hard landscape of your home. A walkway is a narrow stretch of a paved pathway leading up to your house. You can have this pathway paved with Pavel blocks or cobblestones. A pathway is usually lined with grass or small lights that add to its overall beauty and serenity. If you do not have sufficient space to build a long enough pathway, you can build one that curves and turns a bit before it ends. The design of the pathway and the manner in which the stones are laid can enhance the overall appeal of the landscape. Then it will add to the distance and at the same time enhance the beauty of the landscape. You can also build stone walkways around the pool or water features if you have any such installation in your home’s front or backyard. You can think of building a walkway with the water feature as the centre of it.

Ask and expert about the best hard landscape element

When you think of building a hard landscape, a part of your home’s overall landscape, you must consult expert landscape artists. They can evaluate the house’s overall design and the existing area and, based on that, give your ideas about suitable hard landscapes. Hard landscapes are permanent features that you will be adding to the landscape of your home. Hence, you must ensure that it suits the overall look and feel of your home. It should be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the beauty of your home.

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