4 types of landscaping stones practiced in Edmonton

types landscaping stones

When you think of landscaping, the first thing that will cross your mind is beautifully manicured gardens and lawns. However, it adds a touch of extra beauty to the manicured lawns and gardens, and you should install pathways and walkways. Landscaping experts mention that stones and rocks play an important role in making the backyard or the front yard of your home more appealing. When you think of Edmonton’s best landscaping, you will find that these include significant use of rocks and stones.

The unique feature of rocks and stones is that they do not get damaged due to weather changes. Moreover, you can choose different designs and styles of rocks to add a touch of glamour to your garden.

What types of landscaping stones are good to use in Edmonton and why?

Some of the stones and rocks that you can use when you think of decorative rocks for landscaping Edmonton are as follows:

Types of Landscaping Stones/ rocks Edmonton

1. Use pavers for walkways and driveways

Edmonton is known for dry summers and frigid winters. Snow is one of the most common things in Edmonton. It is not an uncommon sight to wake up in the morning and see your front yard and backyard covered in snow. In such a scenario, cleaning the snow from your driveway can prove challenging unless you have paved it properly. Installing paver blocks made of a combination of concrete, stone, and brick will not only make it durable and attractive but also easy to clean. Hence, when you install walkways and driveways in your front yard or backyard, it is a good idea to select pavers that are smooth and easy to clean. One of the best materials for paving your walkways is pavers that use mostly concrete and less natural material. These are more durable and easier to maintain.

Additionally, you can choose to install small or big pavers. It would be best to use concrete pavers as they come in various colors and add a touch of color to your garden. Similarly, you can install colored pavers to give the walkways and driveways a touch of color. For example, if you use reddish paver blocks, these can add a touch of a vintage feel to your garden. Similarly, bigger paver blocks that are white can make your garden look brighter. Hence, you can make your garden easy to maintain, suitable for winter, and attractive to look at by using paver blocks.

2. Installing tumbled glass walkway

In Edmonton, tumbled glass walkways are slowly gaining popularity as this is an inorganic mulch that is easy to maintain and does not get damaged during the region’s harsh winters. The glass walkway can act as a faux flower bed where you can plant hardy shrubs that can survive minimal watering. These walkways are attractive and, if appropriately placed, can mimic the flowing of streams or the waves on a beach. This landscaping is in keeping with the city, which is known for its lakes. You could try to mimic it in your backyard with a glass walkway and a sandstone paver next to your swimming pool. This keeps with the beauty of the city of Edmonton.

Moreover, glass walkways do not require extensive maintenance, and you do not need to worry about changing the mulch or cleaning it regularly. The basic mulch cleaning service will keep the walkway in pristine condition. Additionally, you will add a unique feature to your garden as glass walkways are a modern and contemporary idea.

3. Use a stone planter to add a touch of minimalism

Stone planters always add a touch of minimalism to any landscaping. When you install stone planters, you can be assured that these will add a touch of symmetry and sophistication to your garden. Additionally, stone planters are more extensive compared to standard sized planters. Given Edmonton’s weather, stone planters are ideal for planting shrubs like hardy palms that are known to survive even winters. Say, for instance, you install a few stone planters near the pool in your home and plant hardy and native palms in these planters; these plants will survive even the harshest of winters.

Even if these plants shed their leaves in winter, you can be assured that come summer, these plants will sprout new leaves, and as the planters will hold the right amount of soil, you will not need to tend the plant significantly. Soon the plants will grow, and you will have beautiful young palms again in the planters.

Similarly, these planters are ideal for planting evergreen plants that are known to survive winters. Hence, if you are thinking of growing plants known to survive through winter, you need to add stone planters to your garden, which hold more soil to help the plants survive winters. These add a touch of minimalism to your entire garden.

4. Use pebbles and gravels to give your garden a contemporary look

Edmonton is a good idea to use pebbles and gravel as a part of your inorganic mulch. If you use organic mulch, these will get damaged due to the cold weather of Edmonton. However, pebbles or gravel do not get affected by changing temperature. The stones and gravel will remain unaffected due to the snow and frost. Similarly, these will not be affected even due to the extreme heat of summer. After the snow melts, the pebbles and rocks will be as good as new. Many homeowners mention that plants have been seen to sprout through the gravel and pebble mulch once winter is over. Hence, pebbles and gravel mulch can add a contemporary look to your garden ad and make your yard more practical.

Thus, given Edmonton’s weather, it is a good idea to use rock and stones as an essential part of your landscaping. These will not get damaged due to Edmonton’s snow and frost or the region’s arid heat. If you are looking for landscaping ideas that are ideal for Edmonton’s weather and as per your budget, then give us a call at My Landscape on 587-986-7398 and well will definitely meet all your landscaping requirements.

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