Top 8 Garden Tips Before First Snowfall

Top garden tips before the first snowfall.

Don’t put your gardening gloves away so soon! You have to prepare your garden before the first snowfall. Jack Frost may be harsh this year, but you need to be prepared with everything: winter clothes, warm shoes, cars in the garage, and a well-maintained garden.

Most cities in Canada such as Montreal, Ottawa, Barrie, London, and Quebec City experience heavy snowfall every year. Much of the foliage will hide beneath heavy snow. It could take several weeks to clear up! Thus, it may be a good idea to put on the gardening gloves and ensure that your garden is ship-shaped and prepared for the snowfall.

Top garden tips before the first snowfall.

Here’s an article that highlights the top garden tips before the first snowfall. Keep reading to find out about this subject!

1 Get Started with the Basic Maintenance

Your garden needs a bit of prepping up before there’s a heavy snowfall. Plants get dormant when winter season arrives, so it’s best to move any winter-delicate foliage or plants to an indoor space. You must also empty the water containers and keep them inside the house or the garage. Make sure you mow the lawn so there is no mess. It is also advisable to tidy up different areas in the garden.

Cleaning up the garden should be your priority because the winter season tends to be long. So, clear all the leaves, get rid of dead plants, move the winter-sensitive plants inside, and make sure the water containers aren’t kept outside as these might freeze during winter season (if kept outside).

2 It’s Time to Weed Your Garden

Weeds are so strong and persistent! They grow in any condition, and it turns out you don’t even need to plant anything to get weeds in your garden. During winters, there is no chance weeds will grow out of snow, but they will stay alive beneath it.

It is advisable to pull out all the garden weeds before the first snowfall. Winter won’t destroy weeds because they are rigid and grow in any kind of weather condition. Don’t let your garden suffer when summer sets in! You need to pull those weeds out now.

3 Tilling the Soil Before Winter Sets In

Once you are done with weeding the garden, it’s best to till the soil. You need to aerate it as that makes it easier for you to plant fruits and trees the next season. It may not seem relevant to  you now, but tilling helps you grow plants smoothly when the season arrives.

It breaks the dense soil and makes the growing process easier. Moreover, the aeration of the ground keeps the nutrients close to the plant’s surface. Pay attention to the soil density as well because it helps you prepare the soil for the next season.

4 Fertilising the Garden is a MUST!

Winter time can be supremely harsh for your little garden. Don’t you wish to see a bright and beautiful space when winter season ends? If the answer’s a YES, you can fertilise the soil because winters will rob off all the essential nutrients. You can begin now – a little compost goes a long way. Start with testing the soil and purchasing the fertiliser.

You do not need more than an inch of coverage over your garden to see visible results. Here’s a quick tip – you can add a straw layer over the mulch as this helps the soil get all the nutrients.  At times gardeners forget this step and it can be a huge mistake! It’s possible that your garden is weak due to this reason.

5 Label Your Plants Before Winters

Another thing you have to do before the first snowfall is labelling your plants. You may forget what you planted and where you planted it when spring sets in and all the snow starts melting away. When it’s about time to get back to the garden, you should redo everything. It is best to add some durable markers in copper or stainless steel. This will last all through the winter season and once spring season arrives, you can avoid all the confusion.

6 Plan Ahead of Time

What crops are you planning to grow next year? Figure out which plants did well this season and plan which ones you want to plant next season.

Here’s a little tip for you: you can start growing the plants indoors and put them in the soil during the spring season. This will give them a head-start and they will be ready for spring!

7 Don’t Give Up When Chilly Winters Arrive

Where are you headed? Don’t give up, please!

Even if winter arrives, you must not give up the effort. You must get rid of at least 10 inches of snow to keep the soil and plants healthy underneath. Leave some snow behind because when spring comes, the snow will melt and your plant will get the moisture it needs.

Always remember that too much moisture can damage your soil and the plants, so remove at least 10 inches.

8 Clean and Sanitise the Pots and Seed Trays

Here’s what you should be doing: Clean and sanitise all the pots and seed trays. Store the seeds in a separate container so that it is not exposed to moisture. Moreover, the pots that are not in use should be cleaned and kept inside the garage or any dry space. You don’t want these to get filled up with snow. Ideally, keep the garden as clean as possible before the first snowfall.

Button Up Everything and Enjoy the Snowfall

Now that you are aware of all the garden tips before the first snowfall, it’s time to get in action! Finish everything well in time and sit with a warm cup of coffee. Button up everything and enjoy the winter season without worrying about the garden. You will be prepared for the next season if you follow all the tips mentioned by us. Once you are done with all the tasks, enjoy the picturesque view of the snowfall from your window.

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