Top 10 Stunning Traditional Landscape Ideas

Top 10 Stunning Traditional Landscape Ideas

Simply put, we can define landscaping as a means to change a small portion of the land to improve its viability, value, and aesthetic appeal. Landscaping generally involves the art of growing plants to ensure beauty. Consequently, in a more grounded term, landscaping entails making improvements on a property either in a practical fashion or in a picturesque way. Before diving into the top ten most stunning traditional landscape ideas, let us get into the details of the types of landscaping first.


Oriental Landscaping

It is characterized by tall aquatic structures such as fountains and the rigorous use of evergreen plants. Oriental landscaping also utilizes decorative rocks such as gravel and sand. Overall, people opine that oriental landscaping is very high maintenance.

Woodland Landscaping

As the name suggests, it is a type of landscaping that mimics the organic appeal of planting flora in a natural wooded area. Woodland landscaping is low maintenance and ideal for busy homeowners. However, assistance from professional landscapers is always a good idea.

Formal Landscaping

It is characterized by a uniform pattern of shrubs, plants, and trees placed in one straight line and simultaneous placement of random patterns of flora. Formal landscaping is extremely high maintenance, costly, and requires professional care for seamless execution.

Informal Landscaping

It is a type of landscaping wherein curved or zigzag lines are used for the planting of big trees. Informal landscaping looks beautiful and offers a viable playing area for kids and pets.

Cottage Style Landscaping

It is a vintage landscaping style and is commonly characterized by the use of magnolia trees, lilacs, and hydrangeas. Cottage-style landscaping is high maintenance but does not require much water owing to the strategic use of drought-tolerant trees.

Now that we know about the various types of landscaping let us get into the nitty-gritty of the top ten stunning traditional landscaping ideas.

Top 10 Stunning Ideas For Traditional Landscaping

Landscaping ideas can come from all sorts of sources. However, a little help does not harm anyone. In case you want to make your residence stand out from the crowd through its immaculate and jaw-dropping landscape design, let us help you out.

1. Staycation Yard

You can transform your yard into a round-the-clock vacation spot by landscaping it in a fashion that resembles a cozy lounge area with lights, a sitting arrangement, a bar, a fire pit, and a place to cook. A woodland landscape style might be ideal for translating the idea into reality. However, there is no harm in letting your imagination run wild and pool in fun and quirky ideas.

2. Pop of Color

Needless to say, a pop of color is always a good idea, especially when it comes to traditional landscaping styles. As traditional landscapes usually lack color, you can add some much-needed zing to the idea by incorporating bright hints of hues at strategic spots. Some of the ways you can include color in your yard are through paintings, exterior wall colors, colored plants, flowers, etc.

3. Structural Zen

One of the most remarkable ways to amp up traditional landscaping is by opting for a statement structural piece as the star of your landscape plan. The show-stopping structure could be a foundation, a unique rock, a pergola, or anything that fascinates you. Thus, give your backyard the much-needed feature piece, and transform it into a zen-like space.

4. Low-maintenance Plants

You can amp up your traditional landscaping by using low-maintenance plants and keep all the landscaping hassles at bay. Consequently, homeowners are also switching to annual flowers overall perennials as they do not require much attention and need not be replaced yearly. However, in case you want exotic and exquisite flowers that are high maintenance for your yard, taking help from professional landscapers is a good idea.

5. Beauty from Within

If you are a nature lover and want to give back to Mother Earth in some way, then we have an idea for you. Nowadays, homeowners are using their landscapes and gardens for more than looks. They are using native plants to benefit the area’s natural habitat and the fauna residing in it. Likewise, organic methods are also an excellent way to opt for simple and more grounded landscaping techniques.

6. Private Oasis

Even if your yard is built for entertainment, it is an excellent idea to have a private and secluded space to unwind. As such, you can amp up your traditional landscaping plan by incorporating a small and secluded oasis with a calming aura, a pergola for shade and privacy, and walls to separate the area.

7. Pavement to the Rescue

If you love minimalism, then you can add concrete or pavements in the functional areas of your yard. Likewise, walkways and concrete slabs are great for barbeque and ensure the thoughtful inclusion of pavements in your yard.

8. Stunning Pergolas

A foolproof way to jazz up your traditional landscaping idea is by opting for updated pergolas with windows, coverings, cozy lightings, and much more. Although pergolas are nothing new to landscaping, upgrading them in a novel fashion can add much-needed charm to your backyard.

9. Lightings

As with pergolas, lightings are not new to landscaping as well. However, the type of lighting you use and its intensity can play a crucial role in transforming the feel and appeal of your backyard. String lights and strategic lighting where only some parts of the yard are well-lit is an upcoming trend that you can try.

10. Raised Flower Beds

To begin with, raised flowerbeds are a modern landscaping trend for all homeowners who love the ultra-modern and futuristic look. The concept enables you to create unique structures you would not get by simply adding plants to the ground level. Likewise, raised flower beds also prevent the plants from proliferating in an uncontrolled manner.

So, there we have it, the top ten most stunning traditional landscaping ideas. Nevertheless, if you are new to landscaping, then do not hesitate to contact professionals.

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