Summer tips for the landscape to keep your yard looking great through the heat

Summer tips for the landscape to keep your yard looking great through the heat by my landscaping

With the warmth of the summer season, it becomes one of the most desirable times allowing several people to enjoy while spending quality time in their outdoor spaces with their friends and families, respectively.

But for the plants, the summer season, with its scanty rainfall and blazing sun, brings out the near life – and – death challenges with it. Therefore, it becomes one of the most crucial periods of the year where you must take extra care of your plants to keep them green and thriving during the hottest months. 

Summer tips for the landscape

This article will discuss some of the vital summer tips you should consider for keeping your yard great looking even through the scorching heat of the summer season.

What are some of the summer tips which you should consider to keep your landscape great looking even through the heat?

Start by watering your plants early – 

one of the essential tasks you should do to keep your plants green and thriving during the summer months is just by watering the plants early. This is because the temperatures are comparatively cooler during the early morning hours, allowing the water to get soaked up properly into the soil even before evaporating. 

If you water your plants during the daytime, there is a higher chance that the moisture will evaporate even before it reaches the plants. As a result, by watering the plants during the daytime, you are simply wasting the water since the plants are not benefitting from it.

Though the temperature has dropped during the evening, it remains warmer than in the morning. As a result, the water evaporates into the atmosphere, and the plant retains very little moisture.

Add a layer of mulch materials to the soil – 

during the months of the summer season, the mulching materials are your best friend. The mulching material adds a protective layer to the soil and helps decrease the garden bed’s temperature. This extra layer above the soil also helps retain the moisture inside the soil from the watering and thus prevents your plants from getting thirsty. 

In adding mulch to the soil, you must add a few inches of mulch over the plants, providing a little makeover look to your yard.

Refrain yourself from cutting down the grass shorter – 

If you are someone who generally prefers to cut down the lawn and keeps the grasses shorter during the summer months, then you are helping burn down your lawn. 

During the hot weather, allowing the grasses to grow at least 3 to 4 inches long provides shade for the plant roots and the other new growths. Also, keeping slightly longer grass in the yard is the key to maintaining a beautiful and green-looking yard year-round. 

But if you prefer to keep your lawn shorter, then feel free to cut them into your desired length once the temperature drops with the arrival of the fall.

Use the right quality of fertilizer and feed for your landscape – 

For properly maintaining a healthy and attractive-looking backyard, using the right kind of fertilizer is very important. , But it is to be kept in mind that too much fertilizer can result in much more harm to your backyard. 

During the months of hot summer, a slow-releasing fertilizer with lower nitrogen content forms one of the best options among the different types of fertilizers. But before you choose the fertilizer, it is also essential to properly understand the specific needs of the grasses of your lawn. Also, different varieties of grasses require different nutrient profiles to thrive and beat the scorching summer season. Therefore, making the right choice regarding your plant’s food is essential. 

Be aware of the pests’ attacks and diseases on your plants – 

During the summer months, and it is straightforward for your plants to fall victim to the pests’ attacks and diseases. Therefore, always keep your eyes peeled for signs of trouble in your plants because no one can help you detect the problem sooner than your plants themselves.

Always keep looking for the signs, including blotched, browned, wilting, or spotted leaves or the brittle and browned leaf edges along with fuzzy plant growth, rotten fruits, brown patches, or any type of hole dying branch ends. 

Take aeration of your lawn into consideration – 

If even after using the best available fertilizer and thorough, effective watering techniques, you fail to maintain a lustrous and healthy-looking lawn, then you may probably need to aerate the soil of your yard. 

Start by digging a 4 feet deep turf and check the samples. If the mat layer of your grass is more than half inches, then by aerating, you will be benefiting your lawn. You can rent an aeration machine from your local hardware store, punch the holes in the soil yourself, or opt for a lawn aeration service.

Add some shade to your lawn – 

If your plants struggle in the blazing sun, provide them with a shade. If your plants are potted, shift them into a cooler and covered place, but if your plants are planted in the garden beds, then you can cover them temporarily by using shade cloth, a panel, or your lawn chair. 

Final thoughts–  The prolonged exposure to dazzling sun and hot and humid summer weather can create havoc in your beautiful and green-looking landscapes. Therefore, to keep your landscapes green and look with healthy, thriving plants, consider the above summer tips to achieve an incredible-looking landscape throughout the summer months.

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