Some Simple Landscape Additions to Completely Change the Look of your Home

Some Simple Landscape Additions to Completely Change the Look of your Home

Most homeowners feel that landscaping can be expensive and time-consuming. However, expert landscape designers mention that the most straightforward changes to the front yard or their homes’ backyard can completely transform their houses’ appearance and appeal. For example, if you install a dry creek in the front yard of your home, you will find that it gives your house a modern and sophisticated appeal, and at the same time, it is not very expensive. Moreover, dry creeks are easy to maintain, and also, these are not time-consuming landscape installations.

Once you have installed a dry creek, all you need to do is ensure that it is protected during the winter months, and you do not have to worry about its maintenance throughout the year. Thus, with the help of the most straightforward landscaping installations, you can completely change the look of your home, improve its appeal and even increase its value.

Simple Landscape Additions to Change the Look of your Home

Some of the most straightforward landscaping additions that you can make to your home are as follows:

  • Install walkways
  • Install a central planter
  • Install an attractive fence

Some of the most straightforward landscaping additions that you can make to your home are as follows:

Install walkways

One of the simplest things you can install in your home’s front or backyard is walkways. The walkways add versatility to your home and also improve the overall beauty of your house. If you want to make the walkways permanent, then install paver block walkways. These are made using concrete or brick pavers which are easy to clean and maintain. The walkways can be easily lined with hedges, which can add to the garden’s overall beauty. Sometimes walkways make it easy for you to move around in the garden. Brick and concrete walkways can give your home a sophisticated look and make your home stand out amongst all the other neighbourhood houses.

Walkways can also be made of bricks and can form permanent structures in the landscape of your home. For example, if you install a brick walkway on the front porch leading right up to your home’s front door, it will be adding to the landscape of your home and will also be changing the entire look of the front yard of your house. Thus, by selecting the type of walkway that you want to install and installing it, you can completely change the landscape of your house and subsequently the appeal of your home.

Install new and unique mulches

Mulches can completely change the look of your home’s landscape, and expert landscape artists mention that nowadays, you have numerous mulches to choose from. For example, if you do not want to install the regular organic mulch in your garden, you can choose to install blue glass mulch that resembles side pools or ponds. These mulches are usually made of fibreglass, which does not damage being exposed to heat, light, wind, rain, or snow.

If you do not want to install glass much, then consider installing other types of inorganic mulches, such as ones made of rocks, rubber sheets, or landscape fabric. These are easy to install and maintain and are usually not expensive. Sometimes these mulches can be converted into children’s play areas making these all the more useful. Thus, by installing new and unique mulches in your home, you can completely change your home’s appearance and increase its valuation.

Install a central planter

If you do not want to make extensive changes to your garden, but want to bring a difference to the landscape, consider installing a central planter in the garden. A planter is usually the main attraction of your garden, where you will plant all the plants that form your garden’s primary flowers. The central planter itself can be decorative, attractive, and the central installation in your garden’s landscape.

However, you need to discuss with your landscape artist about the size, dimension and design of the central planter of your garden. After that, you can fill the planter with perennial flowering plants. Many homeowners who opt for permanent planters use these to plant seasonal flowering plants that are bright and colourful. When you install permanent planters, you create a landscape design for the garden surrounding the planters. Thus, decorative planters can be easy to install landscaping items that can completely change your garden’s look.

Install an attractive fence

Fences usually do not form an integral part of the landscape, but these are a necessity. You need to install fences to keep out small animals and the safety of your home and your family. However, when installing a fence, it is a good idea to select an attractive and practical one. You could install a fence with lattice paneling on the top or one with a wooden finish to give your landscaped garden a more vintage appeal. You don’t need to opt for the standard wooden fence or the white picket fence. If it is allowed by the housing authorities in your area, you can even consider installing customized wooden fences that appeal to your home’s look.

Sometimes these fences come with specific geometrical patterns and designs. You can then add climbers and creepers on the fences to make the look complete. This will give the landscape of your home a more Victorian and classy appeal. Thus, by installing a different design fence, you can change the appearance and the landscape of the front yard and the backyard of your home.

When it comes to designing your home landscape, you must hire experts to help you with the design and the installation. This will ensure that the entire work is completed professionally, and they will also tell you how to maintain the new installations.

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