Landscaping Trends in 2021: Bridges and Stepping Stones

Landscaping Trends in 2021: Bridges and Stepping Stones

Hello friends! We are My Landscaping. We are a landscaping company in Edmonton that is here to make your yard look absolutely immaculate. Let’s talk about what’s trending this year: Bridges in your front yard, stepping stones, and fountains are all popular this season. You need them all.

In unison or by themselves, they can seriously level-up your front yard or backyard. Do you want to finally get that fountain or water feature for your yard? With My Landscaping, we do it all! We’ve been in business for years and years, and have provided services for an ample amount of homes. We quickly grew from an operation of two to a widespread team of professionals in a matter of a few years. If you’re looking for landscapers with experience, you have reached the right place!

Bridges in your frontyard

Let’s continue talking about trends. Having a small bridge in your front yard has been popular for years and it’s not going anywhere. It looks great whether you have a small or large space, adding character to any home exterior. Stepping stones are also trending right now, as they create the illusion of more than one path in an outdoor area when there is only one leading from place to place on a paved surface. There’s no denying that this look provides a depth of design and interest all while keeping things practical at the same time!

Grass Simple design with low maintenace

Last but certainly not least, we want to talk about grass. If you’re looking for a simpler design that’s also low maintenance and easy on the wallet, one length of the grass is where it’s at. You should see our lawns! Not only do they look like perfect green carpets everywhere you go in Edmonton, but they are healthy as well! We have several different types of grass or turf which are installed into each yard before being seeded over so that there aren’t any bare patches or spots left out from lack of care. Makes sense right? For an easier front yard landscaping project with minimal upkeep needed, this type of design will work best for your home exterior. Let us take care of maintaining your custom outdoor space while you sit inside and relax!

Longer lawns aren’t necessarily better; shorter grass can be just as beautiful too! If you prefer short grass but don’t want to risk scalping yourself every day, then we suggest installing stepping stones! In addition to this, It’s truly beautiful to see bridges in yards, they give the feel of having your own river or stream right there on your property! They add spunk and beauty. For example:

My Landscaping Sep
bridge 3
bridge 1

Aren’t those delightful? You too can have a yard like this, if you take the initiative and contact us here at My Landscaping Edmonton. We will install a fantastic bridge in your yard for a wonderful price!

Stepping stones in your garden

Stepping stones are increasingly popular right now. It’s both a great trend and use of space because you can fit so much into them! Instead of having your entire yard filled with grass that will only get mowed once or twice in the summer, have some path laid out. Stepping stones are not just for paths either; they’re also used as decorations. Here at My Landscaping Edmonton, we know how to do it all! If you want stepping stones placed around flowers and bushes, we’ll make sure there is enough room between each one so people don’t trip on them. Have an event? Place our stone stepping patterns outside the entranceway to guide visitors where they need to go. No matter what type of design you choose (or if even choose any), they provide a unique feel to walk across rather than plain grass everywhere. What an amazing way to add that sense of uniformity and beauty! Adding strategically placed stones to your garden is popular right now. It’s a great way to add that sense of aesthetic and simplicity.

Stepping stone 3
Stepping stone 2
Stepping stone 1

If you have any questions regarding something we’ve talked about or would like an estimate, please feel free to contact us! We provide the most reliable services in Edmonton at affordable prices. Get ready for your yard to look better than it has ever looked before! So what are you waiting for? Book now while slots remain open! We’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with our work from start to finish.

Fountain in your yard

There are many advantages to having a fountain in your yard; one being the sound of running water always has such an alluring feel about it – we love nature sounds like these because they bring peace and serenity into our busy lives so quickly! Another advantage is the way fountains add depth visually to gardens. They also give an established sense of different areas in your yard or garden, they can be used to differentiate between flowerbeds. It’s amazing! If you want that special look for your backyard, contact us at My Landscaping Edmonton today!

Many people are using fountains this year as well in their landscaping projects. You may wonder why it’s that great, but there’s nothing better than being able to host gatherings outdoors with a serene fountain in the background. Not only does it make for fantastic photos, but they add value to your home alongside great talking points. It’s because fountains do a lot more than just look pretty. They also provide serenity and relaxation to those who are feeling stressed, they bring peace and calmness into an environment where there is usually hustle and bustle everywhere! Get a fountain installed in your yard today! Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity.

Fountains have been used for centuries as well by people around the world; it may be something that you want to consider having installed in your yard if you enjoy going outside to relax at least once or twice a day.

Feel like getting started on revamping your yard now? Don’t worry, we got your back. Contact us today.

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