Creative Landscaping Ideas for Edmonton

Landscaping Ideas for Edmonton

Landscaping can completely change the look of your home. It can make your home look attractive and unique. However, if you think landscaping is expensive, you are mistaken because with proper planning, you can do the landscaping of your home’s front yard and backyard garden within budget. Here are few landscaping ideas from us to make your garden amusable.

Landscape Ideas in Edmonton and around for a short summer – front yard and backyard

Landscape Ideas in Edmonton and around for a short summer – front yard and backyard

Executives associated with leading landscaping companies in Edmonton mention that it is essential to plan the gardens’ design, keeping in mind the short summers in the region. You must ensure that the design of the backyard and the front yard is done so that your family can enjoy the short summers of Edmonton. For example, when you are looking for small backyard landscaping ideas, you should consider designs with options for putting deck chairs and barbeque pits to help you enjoy the summer. This will not just add to the overall design of the garden but make it appealing and unique.

Some of the landscaping ideas suitable for the short summers of Edmonton

1. Select plants that do not require excessive watering.

When you design your front yard or backyard, you must incorporate intense drought resistant plants in the landscaping process. Although summers in Edmonton are short, it is extremely dry. Hence, it would be best to plant shrubs and drought-resistant plants and do not require a lot of watering. This will ensure that you do not have to keep the plants watered throughout summer. Selective watering will keep the plants healthy even through a dry summer. When you select these plants, ensure that they are in keeping with your garden’s landscape designs.

Landscaping experts mention that you should also include mulches in your garden to keep your garden healthy. Mulches often act as water conservation methods, which are ideal t grow native plants. If you are thinking of planting hedges or boundaries, you should consider planting native plants or shrubs. This will survive even through a dry summer and with minimum tending and watering. This is important to minimize the use of water. The use of native and drought-resistant plants will make your backyard and front yard colorful and easy to maintain.

2. Keep lawn areas to the minimum.

Extensive lawns are attractive but require a lot of maintenance. You will have to water the lawns regularly. Moreover, you will have to maintain the grounds by mowing these regularly, removing the weeds, and raking the lawns for dry leaves. However, even if you minimize the lawn area in your backyard or front yard, you will not be compromising on the beauty of the garden. You can add rock gardens, patios, sitting areas, and other such features in the backyard or front yard of your home. This not just minimizes the lawn areas but adds to the overall beauty of your garden.

Additionally, it makes your yards ideal for summer. You will not have to water the lawns regularly to keep the grass green and healthy. If you have a small property in your backyard or front yard, all you need to do is occasionally turn on the sprinklers. You will not have to worry about weed control. Lawn care Edmonton can also prove expensive as lawns need to be exceptionally cared for in summer. Hence, if you keep the grounds in your backyard or front yard minimum, you will create a summer-friendly garden and ensure that the design is within your budget.

3. Make the maximum use of sunlight.

When making a suitable landscape design for Edmonton summer, you must try and incorporate areas in your backyard where your family can gather and enjoy the sun. To do so, you should keep some open spaces in the backyard, where you can put up deck chairs where your family can gather and relax. You can design small lawns surrounding these regions to make the appearance of your backyard more attractive. It would be best to incorporate these open spaces in the backyard as this lends a certain amount of privacy. Moreover, open spaces mean you are allowing the unhindered entrance of sunlight. This will help you build a summer-friendly backyard, which should also be a part of the landscaping process. As summers are short in Edmonton, you should design the front yard and backyard of your home in such a manner that your family members can enjoy it to the maximum.

4. Make the landscape eco-friendly.

Summer friendly landscape ideas can also be eco-friendly ideas. For example, if you use mulches as an essential part of your landscape, these help to retain water and promote the growth of summer plants. You can opt for inorganic mulches like rocks or gravels; you will give a contemporary look to your front yard or your backyard. Usually, inorganic mulches are easier to maintain, and you do not have to worry about these when winter sets in and there are snow. Inorganic mulches remain intact in the harshest of winters. During summer, you will find that these are easy to maintain and makes the mulches permanent. Hence, when you opt for summer-friendly inorganic mulch as an integral part of your front yard or backyard landscape, you are also selecting a permanent mulch design that will last throughout the year.

Landscaping designs should be selected keeping in mind the overall architecture of your house and the space available. It should be done in such a manner that it complements your home. You choose a landscaping design that prioritizes a season; you must select plants that thrive in that season. It is also vital that the plants you choose are ideal for the region’s temperature, weather, and climatic condition. An important part of landscaping is selecting the plants that suit the design and for that you will need expert advice. If you are looking for the best landscaping services in Edmonton, then consider giving a call to My Landscape on 587-986-7398. We assure you that we will provide you with unique landscaping designs and ideas that will be ideal for your home and the summer of Edmonton.

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