How can water features change the landscape of your home?

How can water features change the landscape of your home?

If you are thinking of changing your home’s landscape, but do not want to undertake an extensive renovation activity, one of the easiest methods would be to add a water feature. When you think of a water feature, it needs not to be something like an expensive Koi pond or a designer swimming pool. These can be quite expensive and difficult to maintain. You can opt for something more straightforward but equally attractive, like a fountain a simple waterfall. Many landscaping experts mention that homeowners make the mistake of thinking that artificial waterfalls require extensive maintenance or are quite complex to build. However, an artificial waterfall can be simple and easy to maintain. It all depends on the size of the waterfall. You can have a small waterfall at the corner of your backyard, which can completely change your home’s entire landscape. The sound of water cascading over the rocks will change the overall ambiance of your home. Moreover, this unique landscaping feature will make your home stand out in the neighbourhood.

Most specific water features that you can add to you home

Thus, water features can change the landscape features of your home, and some of the most specific water features that you can add to your home are as follows:

Water fountain

These are some of the simplest and of the most common water landscaping features. However, a modern and sophisticated water fountain can completely change the appearance of your home. There is a myriad of designs, styles, and sizes of water fountains to choose from, and you can easily select one that is ideal for your home. For example, if you want to give your home a vintage appeal, you can opt for a standalone water fountain installed on the front porch of your home. If you want something modern and sophisticated, you can opt for a wall-mounted water fountain. Most water fountains are designed in such a manner that they can be ideally installed outside a building. The common materials used to make water fountains are glass, iron, and concrete. Hence, when you select a water fountain to be installed in your home, check the fountain’s size and ensure that it adds to your home’s overall ambiance. You should also ensure that the fountain is made of a material that is easy to maintain and does not get damaged easily on being exposed to snow and rain.

Artificial waterfalls

This is another water feature that can make the landscape of your home unique and attractive. You can install artificial waterfalls in small as well as significant areas. According to reputed landscaping experts, artificial waterfalls also work like fountains, the only difference being that unlike a fountain, the waterfall requires a pond. Your landscape artist will first build the pond and then the rocky part from where the water will cascade down to the pond. The rest of it will work much like a fountain. However, unlike a fountain, an artificial waterfall requires even less maintenance. You do not have to clean the waterfall regularly as you want it to have a natural appearance. The waterfall can also create a natural ecosystem in your backyard, which will be unique to your backyard. Landscape designers mention that artificial waterfalls add a unique feature to the overall landscape of a house and tend to use less water compared to other water features. As it will be using the water collected in the pond, the chances of water loss are reduced.

Moreover, waterfalls attract natural pollinators like bees and butterflies required for the plants in your garden. It is also said that the sound of cascading water adds to the overall beauty of the landscape and gives it a natural appeal. You will feel that your home is a part of a much larger and natural ecosystem. Thus, an artificial waterfall will add to the beauty of your home’s landscape. It will safeguard the overall health of the plants in your garden.

Standalone ponds

If you want to add a water feature to your backyard, but are concerned about the space available, then you could consider building a small pond. Many landscape artists mention that ponds can become the central feature around which you can build your house’s entire landscape. This can be circular in shape or any other geometrical shape. The objective of a pond is to give a sense of tranquility to the overall landscape. When you add a water feature to your home’s landscape, you are adding a sense of serenity to the landscape. Unlike other landscape features, a small body of water can add an extra dimension to the landscape of your home. If you are not comfortable with a simple pond, you can consider converting it into a lotus pond, making the pond easy to maintain and attractive. Most landscape artists mention that ponds can add versatility to the landscape of a home. Ponds can be installed in the front yard or the backyard of your home.

When you add a water feature to your home’s landscape, you must understand how you can best maintain it, especially in the winter months. It is especially true for homeowners living in places that receive heavy snowfall throughout winter. If you have installed a water feature like a fountain, cover it during winter to protect it from the snow. If it is too big to be covered, then hire the services of landscape service providing firms that provide snow removal services. They will ensure that the snow is removed without damaging the fountain or the water feature. If you live in Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, or Leduc and require any such service, then give us a call at My Landscaping on 587-986-7398. We will provide you complete landscaping services from design, installation to maintenance. If you want to check out our services, then visit our website: If you require any landscaping services or assistance regarding landscaping your home, give us a call right away, and we assure you that our services will meet your expectations.

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