Commercial Snow Removal Tips For Property Managers

Commercial Snow Removal Tips For Property Managers

Being a property manager is a tedious task all year long. However, when winter starts approaching, an extra layer of dread starts creeping up in property managers’ minds. Winters can be brutal in countries that experience heavy snowfall. All the snow and ice-laden roads and walkways are just a compilation of accidents waiting to happen. If by any chance, someone incurs an accident on a property managed by a commercial property owner, then the said manager would face dire consequences, especially if it is established that the accident occurred because of the manager’s negligence. Being a property manager is indeed a challenging task.

As winters roll around the corner, property managers have started researching and implementing methods to prevent a buildup of snow and ice in several parts of the world, like Canada. In their efforts to be prepared for the oncoming days of ice and snow, finding a good snow removal contractor is perhaps one of the most critical and time-consuming tasks. While some property managers choose not to hire professionals, it is highly advised that they do so, especially if managing a commercial property.

Tips for commercial snow removal

If you are a commercial property manager, it is your duty to take all the necessary measures that ensure the complete safety of every person and patron entering the commercial property. Whether it’s shop owners, employees, or shoppers, a commercial property manager’s duty extends to each person. Clearly, it is a lot of responsibility. However, by integrating a few simple tips, the task of managing snow removal can become relatively straightforward to undertake.

Get professional help:

Snow removal is not a one-day problem. It will remain in existence as long as the weather remains cold. In countries like Canada, this phenomenon is present for the majority of the year. Temporary measures are, thus, not a good solution and would end up costing you more and consuming more time than hiring a professional snow removal contractor would.

Ask Questions:

When hiring a commercial snow removal contractor, it is essential to ask a few essential questions to ensure you are making the right decision. These questions include:


Let them see the space, explain your needs, and get quotes to ensure you get the best deal.

Services included:

When deciding on which deal is best, it is essential to get a list of all the services included in that price and how frequently the contractors would be providing each of those services. This is crucial because if you just go for the lowest price, you may also miss out on some services. Get a complete package price and then compare options.

Materials being used:

snow removal is one of those activities which are essential but are also causing excessive harm to the environment. Rock salt, which is a common deicer, is used by a large number of snow removal contractors. However, it is incredibly harmful and somewhat toxic to any vegetation in the area. If the salts seep into the soil, they will hamper the capacity of the plants and grass to absorb nutrients from the ground underneath. This will lead to their ruination.

The good news is that there are now a number of less harmful and sustainable processes or materials available in the market that work just as well without harming the surrounding vegetation. Inquire about that from potential contractors.

Additionally, certain chemicals or deicing agents can also cause serious harm to the roads and pavements of commercial property. For example, certain chemical salts can cause the roads to crack or weaken significantly. This makes it even more vital to inquire about the chemicals and material being used.

  1. Experience: there are various commercial snow removal contractors out there in the market, and several new ones are opening shops every year. It is thus vital for the property manager to properly inquire how much experience a particular contractor has in the activity. You can also inquire from them if they have serviced any other properties in your area or surrounding areas and ask them about their experience with the said contractor.
Alternatively, you can also choose to use the internet and look up some reviews and ratings if you so need.

Equipment being used:

There is specialized equipment that is used in the process of snow removal. These instruments or equipment make it easier to remove snow and ice and provide excellent results without spending hours on end. However, some pieces of equipment can also cause certain issues or harm the road or pavement. As such, it is vital to inquire about the equipment that a particular contractor would be using.

Signs and Warnings:

Apart from hiring contractors who would be conducting the snow removal processes, property managers can also ensure that proper warnings are set in place for visitors and workers of the commercial property. The ideal way to achieve this goal is by putting up signs that can be seen clearly.

Regularly checking roofs, pipes, and drainage systems for possible buildup is essential.

Pipes can easily burst if too much snow or ice gets clogged in them. In a commercial setting, that can cause an unbelievable amount of damage. Thus, it is vital to keep checking them regularly and taking the necessary measures to unclog them.

Check all handrails, doors, door knobs, etc., to ensure the complete safety of people in the surrounding area.

Handrails must be installed wherever possible. They must be present near the stairs for sure. This would allow people to get a little extra security when climbing up the stairs, which can be super slippery due to snow and ice.

Maintaining a safe environment can be a complex task;

However, with relevant help and conscious measures taken at the correct time, the weather can be managed efficiently. Avoiding accidents and repairing areas or things that can potentially be conceived as hazards is the key to maintaining proper commercial property care. Property managers have a lot of people relying on their good judgment, and as such, they should implement all the required measures to ensure they keep them safe.



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