2023 Trends in landscape design

2023 Trends in landscape design My Landscaping Edmonton

With improved technology and the exploration of multiple ideas, landscaping plans are getting bigger and better. If you are looking to improve the aesthetics around you, you have reached the right place. With several decor ideas and innovative plans, there are multiple trends lined up in landscape design 2023.

Check out this guide to know what landscape design will get more focus in 2023.

Sanctuary Gardens

Gardens are also, in a sense, a space where we all find solace. This concept has only improved with gardens landscaped with a focus on mindfulness. These are what we call sanctuary gardens that create a space where you feel more relaxed and get to reflect. What if your own garden could give you the feels of a natural sanctuary or the beautiful forest area you love to roam around? It would give you the most relaxed atmosphere right at your doorstep. You can also make this with a soothing color palette that mixes with natural tones and adds water features. Well, welcome to the space where you reconnect with nature.

Indoors and outdoors

Another interesting gardening trend is the concept of ‘Garden rooms’. The term refers to indoor plants grown in full swing across the world. With working from home becoming a more common sight, indoor gardening has taken a hit. It creates a more calm and peaceful experience even when you are behind closed doors. Apart from the indoor plants, other ways to create garden rooms include:

  • Using hanging plants in sight of windows.
  • Adding window boxes.
  • Planting creepers near your windows.

The other ways you could do this is by adding tall shrubs and setting up pots and planters near your outdoor furniture. You can otherwise opt to go all out with the garden room idea, including the furniture, louvers, shade screens, built-in planter boxes, and others.

Holiday Special

Getting the holiday vibes with the tropical plants in your gardens is a whole new level of excitement. The tropical-themed garden with the calm water feature sound has attracted a lot of homeowners. You can layer the plants either using the underplanting type with swaying palms or layer plants underneath existing trees. You can also use vivid leaves to give you a sense of abundance, a key element of tropical vibes. This gets better with the usage of bold textures and striking foliage. Try upgrading your garden to this unique tropical holiday trend; you will simply enjoy it.

Natural all the way

There is an increased interest in having a natural way of the garden. It creates a very calm, serene space with natural materials. Hardscaping with natural stones has interested a lot of people in recent times. So, the result? The natural and rustic stone paths in the garden are taking over other ways, giving an organic touch to your gardens.

Going Vertical

There are not many options to have a wonderful garden with restricted space and increasing housing prices. But a gift to such an issue has been vertical gardening. It is now quite the trend for several years. The best part? The trend will take a sure hit in 2023 as well. With an increasing focus on maximizing smaller spaces, vertical gardening keeps finding its way to top the trends. Some of the ways to try out planting vertically are to go for fence shelving, walls for training plants, arbor, pergola, plant boxes, hanging baskets, etc.

Swapping Lawns

For the past few years, gardeners have increasingly swapped lawns with other types. The promising trend has been swapping these lawns with meadow gardens. Such types are drought-tolerant and also help grow pollinator-friendly plants. Meadow gardens are now the most popular trend as they also don’t require harmful chemicals or mowing and do not require you to go by the book for maintenance or others.

Backdoor revolution

Gardens have become smaller, and there are many varieties attached to the housing units to make the backdoor gardening trend easier and better. So, if you have a small space, backdoor gardening with vertical plantings, privacy hedges, climbing plants, trellises, container plants, and others is a perfect choice. This trend is fashionably and popularly known as the backdoor revolution.

Accessible gardening

The accessible gardening style refers to the style of boomers that are taking over the trend. With the concept of tropical plants, mid-century modern design, and reboots, this is also one of the most anticipated popular trends in 2023. 

The Greek way

One of the biggest trends in the recent past has been the Greek-inspired gardens. The younger generation is quite happy to embrace the Greek style. But what exactly is a Greek-inspired trend? The Greek gardens are more about romanticizing the gardens. Thinks of statues, stone walls, archways, patios, climbing plants, and others. That beauty is precisely what a Greek-inspired landscaping design will include.

Terra Cotta

According to reports, terra cotta is branded as the color of Garden Trends 2023. It is a warm palette consisting of subtle shades like sage greens, creams, and beige browns. So you can also paint terracotta planters, which adds a warm feeling to the garden. Terra cotta is said to signify an optimistic future. A bright tomorrow; here we come!

Other trends in 2023

Several ideas and concepts interest gardeners; they are not really trending trends, but the methods are quite trending nowadays. These include methods like drought-tolerant gardening and consciously choosing what they put in their gardens. Some practices focus on climate awareness and wildlife consideration. You can also opt for low-maintenance gardening that will help you enjoy your garden but also focus on other things. The vegetable gardening trend has also picked up, with homegrown veggies and fruits earning many fans.

Bottom Line

These trends in landscaping are expected to peak in 2023, given the high levels of consciousness toward protecting nature and resources. There are also trends that focus on urban living, mental health, housing prices, homegrown plants, climate awareness, and other intriguing developments in the gardening space. So, as we step into a new year, let’s lead a happier one with our plants. Happy Gardening!

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