11 Hacks for Snow Removing You Need This Winter

Hacks for Snow Removing You Need This Winter

Hate shovelling snow? Edmonton winters got you trembling?

Don’t worry, we got you covered with some helpful hacks that’ll ease y(our) winter pain.

1. Use Cooking Spray

Spray some cooking spray on your shovel when the heavy, wet snow is tough to dig through. It will enable you to dig through the snow more quickly and prevent it from sticking to your shovel. Who knew? Just remember to clean the ice shovel tool after using it!

2. Set a Schedule for Snow Removal

One of the most damaging things you can do when it comes to snow removal is to wait until it stops snowing. Instead, develop a timetable for lightly shoveling every one or two hours, depending on how long the snowfall is supposed to continue.

3. Wear Socks Over Your Shoes

Need some more traction when shoveling? Try wearing a second pair of socks over your shoes or boots when doing your snow removal. You’ll be less likely to fall when shoveling on icy pavement.

4. Melt Ice Quickly

Prepare for everything that winter has to offer. If there’s ice beneath the snow, make a salt substitute and spread it across your driveway, sidewalk, and front steps. In a pail, combine 1 teaspoon dish soap, 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 gallon water.

5. Make Shovelling More Comfortable

It’s not true that snow removal is bad for your back. The G4 from Garant has three handles, one for pushing snow and two for lifting. This kind of ice shovel also includes a footrest to increase your power as you break up compacted snow or ice, and it can help you escape a ditch.

6. Use a Better Tool (or ask someone)

If shoveling is too strenuous, get somebody to do it for you. Ask your son-in-law, grandson, nephew, brother-in-law (or any of your relatives) to borrow their big snow shovels for five minutes. They’ll be happy to help!

7. No Shovel? No Problem

If you don’t have a shovel and your snowblower isn’t working, consider laying down a plastic tarp on exposed walkways, paths, and even your automobile when the snow is coming. After the flakes cease, simply pull the tarp to reveal a clean path.

8. Get Out the Leaf Blower

Put your leaf blower to good use! Light, fluffy snow can be removed efficiently using a leaf blower.

9. Smart Snow Blowing

If you want to snow blow your driveway, the ideal approach is to start in the middle and flying snow toward one of the sides. Then make a U-turn and come back down the other side before continuing in this manner. You won’t have to change the chute as frequently this way, and you won’t need a second pass.

10. Get Out the Wet/Dry Vacuum

Yes, you can try sweeping the snow away and dumping it in another location using your shop vacuum. However, we recommend connecting your house to the exhaust of your vacuum and utilizing it as a blower. Simply point and blow the snow away.

11. Use a Shovel Attachment

Add the ice shovel back-saver attachment to your list of essential tools. There are a variety of options available, including one that attaches the detachable handle to your favorite shovel for improved hand position. It might assist with lower back discomfort.

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