Snowfall? Here are 10 powerful tips for preventing damage to you and your property

Snowfall in Edmonton in winter

We are ready to remove snow from your home, commercial, and industrial area this winter.
Winter in Edmonton, Alberta can be so harsh and unpredictable. Here are the average numbers of snowfall in recent years.

MonthAverage Snowfall

Average Snowfall record in Edmonton, AB, Canada

You’ve heard warnings about how to avoid injury while shoveling snow. But people aren’t the only ones concerned about snow removal, landscapes also can be damaged by snow. There are two ways to make the snow go away: move it or melt it.
We have years of experience in clearing snow and ice from driveways, walkways, wheelchair ramps, backyard, patio, deck, rooftop, drainage, and industrial areas in the entire Edmonton region.
We have a snow removal package for the homeowners, property management companies, Banks, Schools, Office Buildings, Industrial areas, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Storefront, Entertainment complexes, Healthcare Facilities.

10 tips for preventing damage during snowfall

Snow removal service in Edmonton with residential and commercial package

Plows and shovels are designed to move large amounts of snow with brute force. Unfortunately, they are also capable of inflicting serious damage to landscape elements if proper care is not taken to avoid it.

  1. Mark your property space. Most snowplow damage occurs because the driver is unable to identify what to avoid. So It’s a good idea to mark the driveways, lawns, beds, etc.
  2. Trees and lawn beds should be planted away from the pavement.
  3. Clear snow at earliest while it is easy to move. Once it is set it is hard to remove it until forceful effort applies.
  4. Don’t pile snow against shrubbery, it can damage branches and stress the plant in spring when it’s coming out of dormancy.
  5. Avoid piling up snow on the lawn whenever possible.
  6. Use a snow blower, it does less damage to the grass and hardscape then a plow blade.
  7. If the snowplow blade rips SOD then put them back in place as it is at earliest.
  8. Do not try to remove snow from ice-encased branches, they can get easily damaged.
  9. Use a plow with a rubber or urethane blade or truck with a rotating broom to remove snow from large parking areas, plazas, and other large spaces.
  10. Keep Vehicles away from the lawn even when your ground has frozen the weight of the vehicle can damage the lawn.

4 tips to Avoid Salt Damage to Your Landscape during snowfall

Snow removal service with de-icing

In some cases, it makes sense to melt the snow away by using de-icers. De-icing works by lowering the freezing temperature of the water. This is a handy solution for preventing slip injuries on walkways, steps, patios, and other landscape features.
Salt is inexpensive and effective for melting ice and snow, but it comes at a cost of serious damage to soil and plant roots.

  1. Prevent the planting of plants where there is likely to be salt exposure. Like, roadways, sidewalks.
  2. Use an alternative of rock salt.
  3. Follow the direction of the use to avoid overuse.
  4. Remove snow with the help of a shovel before applying salts to keep the usage of de-icers minimum.

Reasons why Snow Removal Should Be Done By My Landscape Company

We are equipped with the best and most advanced tractors and snow blowers that allow our experienced crews to relocate snow quickly and efficiently. For added peace of mind, all of our equipment is properly adapted to prevent any damage to the concrete or pavement on your property.

Around the clock snow removal services

You never have to worry about shoveling your driveway before you head off to work or coming home to a mountain of snow on your property when you get home after a long day. We get to work early in the morning and keep working until the snow stops falling.

Organized work schedules and skilled work crew

With many years of experience, My Landscaping executes a highly organized strategy that includes accurate weather and storm tracking to ensure that winters are stress-free for each of our commercial clients in Edmonton. We carefully and consistently maintain our advanced equipment and offer well-organized snow removal crews who provide around-the-clock service.

Do business as usual during winter conditions.

Don’t let harsh weather conditions interfere with your business. My Landscaping understands how important snow removal is in keeping the daily business running smoothly in Edmonton.

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