10 Tips for Garden Landscaping

10 Tips for Garden Landscaping

A perfect garden is one that can make people happy while looking great. It takes you weeks and months to create your dream landscape. The planting, flowering, paving, installation of wall cladding stones, and other décor pieces can get really tiring for homeowners. And, it isn’t a one-time process. In order to keep your garden looking as good as new, you need to invest your time in mulching, pruning, trimming, and taking care of the lawn.

Tips for Garden Landscaping

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours building your landscape or in garden maintenance. A few simple tips can go a long way in helping you design a beautiful lawn. In this post, we have shared 10 secrets to effective gardening. Let’s take a look:

1. A Wide Pathway

Build a wide pathway that offers sufficient space for your guests to walk around and explore the greenery in your garden. Nobody likes to walk through the narrow spaces, especially in gardens filled with tall grasses. Keep the width 3-5 feet to let two people walk comfortably side-by-side. Remember one thing—the taller your plants are, the wider the walkways must be. Taller grass tends to make your walkways feel narrower and restricted.

2. Use Natural Stones for Walkways

It’s a popular trend in most areas. Natural stones are not only known for their old-world charm, but they lend a fascinating look to just about any exterior. They come in a variety of warm and sophisticated hues that make them an ideal choice for gardening purposes. Natural stones have the ability to transform a boring landscape into something extraordinary. You can tell the difference when you walk on a bare surface and these stones. Make it more beautiful by growing grass in between the stone slabs. Bluestone, travertine, and granite are some of the best choices for landscaping.

3. Enough Room for Family Time

Patios and pool decks are used for entertaining purposes. You must plan sufficient room for your exteriors so that your families can mingle and spend some quality time together. Think about the purpose you are building a garden. Do you plan on hosting parties regularly? Or do you want to keep the landscape for family time only? If you will use this space for hosting formal and informal parties, you should save at least 4 feet of space per person. More space also means higher maintenance and more cleaning. So, it’s important that you consider the use of your landscape when deciding the space.

4. Use Turf

Your lawn receives a large volume of traffic regularly. Plus, its maintenance can be expensive and a time-intensive process. You can’t hire professional lawncare specialists every week for pruning, trimming, and mowing.

One way to avoid expensive maintenance is by using turf in the garden. Not only does it look as beautiful as the grass, but it offers the most comfortable space for lounging and hanging out. Of course, you shouldn’t skip on the grass completely, but use turf on surfaces where maintenance looks a little tricky. These grass-like decorative pieces serve as the most functional garden element for your exteriors.

5. Consider Flowers, Fruits, and Plants

Flowers and fruits add colors to your landscape. However, do not confine your garden to the flowers only. There are plenty of ways to create a green and vibrant landscape that draws your visitor’s attention with colorful surroundings and freshness.

Winterberries and oakleaf hydrangeas make the best choices for autumn, while flower display is highly recommended for summer and spring. Bring a seasonal appeal to your landscape by planting flowers and fruit branches that look attractive in winter, autumn, spring, and summer.

6. Focus on Companion Plants

Dahlia beds are highly likely to attract pests when a bunch of them are planted together in a single line. If the same is planted with kale or other vegetable plants, there is a slim chance they will be affected by the pests. Instead of planting the same category of plants together, why don’t you plant them alone? Not only will it create a distinctive pattern, but these plants will require minimal maintenance.

7. Furnish Your Garden

Your garden looks incomplete without furniture. Install a recliner, sofa, and other pieces of furniture to give your landscape a finished look. You can shop for garden furniture online or buy them at a local furniture store. Install wooden chairs to give a vintage feel or use a sophisticated sofa for a modern touch. Use furniture that matches the rest of the landscape.

8. Build a Comfort Zone

Plants do a lot more for your landscape than enhance the beauty of your exteriors. They can be highly functional if used the right way. Choose plants that add comfort and function to your garden while adding colors to your place. For instance, Conifers make a great addition to your landscape if you are frequently affected by harsh winds. Ornamental grasses can be used for privacy purposes, while tall shrubs can protect your exteriors from the scorching summer weather. If you don’t have sufficient space for planting tall shrubs in your garden, consider using compact ornamental trees instead.

9. Keep it Clean

You might be washing your garden every day, but is that enough for its maintenance? Your landscape needs more than a gentle wash. You need to use a garden hose for watering the plants frequently, a stone-specific cleaning detergent to wash your stone pavers, and a sealant to keep your pavers in good shape.

10. Pruning and Trimming

Regular pruning and trimming keep your grass greener and healthier for years. If you don’t have time for that, hire professional landscapers for quick and hassle-free trimming service. They will shape the grass, trim them perfectly, and mow your lawn to ensure a clean and well-maintained garden.

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