10 Sidewalk Block Design Ideas. Contact us for Sidewalk Block Installation in Edmonton

10 Sidewalk Block Design Ideas. Contact us for Sidewalk Block Installation in Edmonton my landscaping

Are you planning to remodel your patio? Well, the right patio slabs won’t only enhance the curb appeal of your house, but they render a unique touch to your space. Your sidewalk gets noticed by guests as soon as they walk through the entrance door. So, it makes sense to invest in materials that not only look attractive on your patios but last for years and handle the temperature fluctuations seamlessly.

10 Sidewalk Block Design Ideas

Whether your walkway leads your visitors to your entrance door or the backyard, an ideal walkway is one that’s built with durable materials and features exquisite designs. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of designs when constructing walkways. Check out these top 10 creative ideas for designing your sidewalk blocks.

1. Brick Laid in Unique Patterns

Brick walkways are quite popular among homeowners with a small budget. Give your space a traditional and rustic feel with a well-designed brick walkway, featuring a set of bricks laid in attractive ways. You don’t have to follow the old and boring structure. Keep the design interesting by choosing the stacked bond and running bond designs. There are plenty of color choices too. You can select from brown, red, tan, white, grey, black, and orange tones. You can’t use the regular-use brick here. These are extremely soft and porous. You have to get bricks made specifically for the walkways.

2. Use Gravel

If you are designing a backyard walkway, gravel will make the most versatile choice for your landscape. They can suit just about any kind of home design and blend well with nearly all surroundings flawlessly. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes, so you can select the material that works well with your design theme. For instance, gray looks exceptionally beautiful in your green landscape. You can also pair gravel with rocks and pavers. Keep your yard looking fresh by adding new buckets of gravel every few months.

3. Large Stepping Stones

If gravel seems inconvenient for your pathways, cover it with large stepping stones. This sidewalk design looks incredibly gorgeous in modern homes with exteriors featuring wild foliage. You can use large stepping stones to build a clear path through the vegetation. Select warm and neutral colors that contrast beautifully with the greenery. Stepping stone makes an excellent choice for landscapes with narrow sidewalks. It’s also an affordable choice.

4. Granite Walkway

Nothing can beat the beauty and durability of granite. This natural stone can be used to build walkways, stairs, kitchen countertops, and interior floors. Enhance your backyard design by laying granite slabs on your outdoor floor. To spruce it up, pair granite with flagstone and lay these tiles in a crazy-paving pattern. A random arrangement of natural stone tiles in your backyard will look exquisite in all settings. You can fill the gaps between these tiles with either gravel or small plants.

5. A Stripe Sidewalk

Another creative design idea for your sidewalk is the combination of pavers and gravel. Combine them to create a stripe walkway. The path should alternate between dark paving slabs and white gravel to create a wonderful stripe effect. You can experiment with other colors to get your desired finish. You could also change the gravel every few months to keep your backyard design interesting. Make sure you select the contrasting colors, otherwise this combination won’t create a striped look.

6. A Simple Tile Walkway

While the designs mentioned above can revamp your exterior landscape and drive your guests’ focus toward the sidewalk, they may not work for a minimalist home. Sometimes, a simple tiled walkway seems the most viable option for your landscape. Get your favorite tiles and lay them over the existing concrete. Tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. With so many options to choose from, you can find something that is just right for your front or back yard. The tiles must be sealed every few years to keep looking fresh.

7. Use Organic Mulch

Organic mulch is one of the few inexpensive options for your walkways. If you live in an area that receives warm weather throughout the year, a combination of mulch can be laid on the path for a clean and refreshing look. The material gives a natural vibe and blends beautifully with green surroundings. It can also deter weeds. The best part is mulch feels soft under your foot and creates a stunning walkway.

8. Sand and Stone

You can DIY your sidewalk paving. While it may not look as good as a professionally-designed sidewalk, a few creative ideas will render a wonderful finish to your exteriors. Sand and stone is one such combination that gives your patio a rustic feel. Select thick flagstone slabs that are strong and durable enough to hold up to the foot traffic. Pour the fine sand on the sidewalk and place stones in a jigsaw puzzle pattern.

9. Modern Monochrome

Are you looking for affordable yet creative ideas to design your walkway? Well, you don’t need to shell out your walkway design. Create a modern monochrome by painting your stepping stones laid evenly across the path with the gaps between these slabs filled with either sand or pebbles. To make the design more interesting, you can raise the stepping stones.

This way your guests won’t step on the pebbles when walking on the stepping stones. Select colors that create a beautiful contrast with the pebbles and the rest of the design. Ideally, your stepping stones should stand out from other decor pieces.

10. Circular Steps

Rectangular pavers are boring. Give your pathway a unique look with round pavers lined up in a straight row. The design works well on the lawn. All you have to do is dig small circles and insert stone pavers. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to design your landscape.

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