Top 10 Best Small Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas 2022

10 Best Small Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas in Edmonton by my landscaping 2022

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular, however, you wouldn’t need a big yard to make one. A tiny backyard can be just as fun as a larger one, and it’s also easier to clean and manage and inexpensive to the fence.

So start concentrating on your area and implement these top 10 best small backyard landscaping design ideas below.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 best small backyard landscaping design ideas in this article.

Here are the best small backyard landscaping design ideas

Blur the Boundary

Removing the indoor and outdoor boundaries is the best way to give your small backyard a bigger look. Also, you can add a bartop space that helps someone serve drinks and food while you are spending some leisure time in the backyard. The bartop turns out with the option to store drinks, and you can choose the one.

Install an In-Ground Spa

An in-ground spa helps you to feel the ultimate comfort. First, it helps you keep the space open, and thus it looks bigger. Then, depending on the climate, you can install a hot tub or a pool. And a sitting area around the pool makes the place ideal. So, you can now hang out in the waters, and it brings in the ultimate serenity.

Create a Layered Landscape

A layered landscape is one of the best small backyard design ideas. Like in the forests, you can create a layered landscape, use groundcovers, crevice plants, etc., to create layers. You can add more space to the flower bed and explore your small backyard differently. It’s essential to hire a professional who can create the layers, and you can thus learn the importance of a layered landscape.

Never Make the Space Overcrowded

When designing your small backyard, keeping the space free from unwanted stuff is always important. Unfortunately, too many things make your backyard crowded, and thus you need to come up with a classy design using minimum stuff. For example, it’s good to install a sitting area covered by patches of grass, and you can explore a clear view of your garden.

Get a Symmetrical Design

Now, you can get a symmetrical design for your small garden. Friendly fencing with vertical planters can be an excellent option to decorate your backyard, and it brings in a soothing view. Next, you can get some lightweight furniture for your small garden, and you can add a classy touch to your backyard.

Fine ethnic furniture can be a good option for small backyards, and you can learn how these pieces of furniture completely change the look of your small backyard space.

Create Stone Steps

Installing stone steps is another excellent idea to decorate your small backyard. It helps you explore an excellent structure, and stone steps are suitable for small and extensive gardens. The stones show the right direction to the guests and help them explore the garden easily. Make sure that you organize the stones in the right way, and thus you can give your garden a new look.

Create a Mini Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse comes up with ample space for the kids to play. Hence, they would feel happy, and a greenhouse thus improves the status of your small backyard. You can play with your kids, and a greenhouse thus adds a nice touch to your backyard. A greenhouse is usually a tent-like structure, and it’s safe for kids.

Install Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower is exciting stuff for your small backyard. Outdoor showers increase the value of your property, and there are different types of outdoor showers available in the market. You can choose the suitable one according to your preference. Make sure that you can easily install the shower in your backyard. Before installing the shower, you must check the design thoroughly to fit well in your backyard.

Get Plenty of Plants

Plants always improve the view of your space and make you feel refreshed. So get some lovely plants for your outdoor space, and enjoy the fresh air. The plants can be easily installed in the silver pots, and you can completely change your backyard look. Also, you can get flower plants that help you explore the colorful look of your backyard.

It’s essential to choose the right plants and flowers so that you can explore the natural beauty of the place. Yellow sunflower and white lilies can be excellent options, and it helps you feel the touch of true colors.  

Install a Small Fountain

A small fountain enhances the beauty of your backyard space. A small concrete fountain is recommended for small backyards. Further, it incorporates a soothing touch to the space.

Moreover, small fountains may enhance the beauty of your backyard environment without taking up much room, all while providing a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Place fountains near foliage to blend them in with the rest of your landscaping.


So, now that you’ve read those 30+ low-cost small backyard landscaping ideas, we hope you’re no longer worried about how to beautify your tiny backyard space.

Many local landscapers like My Landscaping in Edmonton are committed to enhancing your property’s worth and attractiveness if you are looking for professional help and would rather pay someone to carry out those backyard landscaping ideas you have in mind. A team will inspect your property before creating a personalized small backyard landscape design plan that includes plant selection, outdoor lighting, fire and water features, irrigation solutions, and even regular grass maintenance.

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