10 best practices Landscape design

10 best practices Landscape design

If you are thinking of redesigning and landscaping your garden or backyard, you must keep in mind your garden design and the space available to you. You might flip through a magazine and find breathtaking landscaping designs, but often these are ideal where there is ample open space available. In common practice, it is essential to keep the structure and landscape natural, attractive and contemporary. This will not just give your home the much-needed facelift but also make it one of the most attractive ones in the neighborhood.

Top 10 Landscape Design Practices

best practices Landscape design

Some of the factors that you should consider while landscaping your garden and backyard are as follows:

1. Check the enclosure available

The enclosure available is not the size of your garden or backyard. The length of the enclosure should be at least one-third of its width, and this enclosure will be the centerpiece of the garden. For ideal landscaping, it is essential first to identify the main enclosure’s location and design, as your plants will be in the section. This is important because the rest of the garden will be designed based on the enclosure.

2. Keep open spaces

While landscaping your garden or your backyard, it is essential to keep open spaces. The landscape design should have open spaces to allow freedom of movement. Open spaces are necessary to allow a breathing space for the plants and trees in the garden. Moreover, if you want to place deck chairs in the park, where you can sit back and relax, then you will need to have empty spaces in your garden. Thus, open spaces are essential features of your landscape design.

3. Select and follow a regulating line

While designing the landscape, it is crucial to select a regulating line and follow it. Usually, a regulating line forms a part of the architecture. These can be the pool in your backyard or a tree, or a permanent walkway. This will form the primary line that will help you build the other structures in the landscape. The landscape’s regulatory line helps in creating the geometrical designs of the landscape.

4. Keep all designs geometrical.

An essential part of landscaping is to keep everything within the garden or backyard geometrical. However, it is not necessary that you have to select only one shape. You can choose to experiment with shapes. You can choose to install rectangular planters and other landscape features, such as hedges, walkways, or different geometrical shapes. If you are thinking of installing a fountain, you can install a circular one. Depending on your garden’s overall design, you can choose to install various landscaping objects in your garden.

5. Keep it simple

An essential part of landscaping is to keep it simple. When it comes to landscaping, it is crucial to keep it simple. Simple lines and designs are vital to make your garden look attractive and sophisticated. Additionally, simple techniques make it easy to keep all the plans in your garden proportional. You will find it easier to complete your garden’s landscaping if you choose symmetrical and straightforward designs.

6. Choose the rectangle as your base design.

The rectangle is an excellent geometrical shape for your planters, arbors, patios, and other features in your garden. For example the preferable design for patio construction and patio landscaping is rectangular as this will make the design of your garden simple, sophisticated and modern. When you are landscaping your garden or your backyard, it is vital to consider the plants and the other items in your garden. If you are thinking of a complete overhaul, then install items such as decks, patios, and pools that are rectangular. This will go perfectly with your planters.

7. Select the steps in the garden carefully.

It is crucial that your garden steps are not too ornate and do not take away your attention from a beautifully landscaped garden. Also, the height of the steps should be such that you can climb them easily. It should be less in size compared to the other steps so that you can easily climb up to the patio. The steps should also be easy to tread on and should be wide enough for two people to climb side by side.

8. Choose contemporary and sophisticated designs.

While selecting landscaping designs, it is a good idea to choose contemporary designs. If you have sufficient wide open spaces, then select to install big planters or even large patios. If you want you can also install a summer room. You can plant a climber like an ivy vine against the room walls, and these will grow around the walls, giving the room a vintage yet contemporary appeal. Thus, selecting contemporary designs is vital to give your garden a completely different look.

9. Planting palms

If you have sufficient space in your garden, you can choose to plant palms. These can give your garden a summer appeal and also make your garden stand out. The palms are big plants but do not need a lot of tending. However, you will need to check if natural palms can survive in winter. Otherwise, you will have to take these plants inside your home during winter.

10. Planting in collection

It would be best if you chose to plant the same plants in the collection. During summer, it looks beautiful if you have a perfect collection of brightly colored flowers. Similarly, it would be best if you planted ornamental grasses to make your garden ornate and attractive. By repeating the same feature and growing plants and grasses in mass, you can make your garden more beautiful.

Thus, landscaping can completely change the appearance and look of your house. You can do it easily by planning and designing the garden with contemporary styles. If you are looking for landscaping services in Edmonton, give us a call at My Landscape on 587-986-7398, and we will provide you with multiple designs that will meet your expectations and requirements. We will provide you with perfect landscaping designs suited for your region’s weather and conditions.

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