Water Feature trends for your outdoor living space in Edmonton

Water Feature trends for your outdoor living space in Edmonton

When thinking about perfect landscaping, you also think about water. Don’t you? 

Bringing water features into your garden can be a great idea because it’s a visual delight for anyone who visits your house and moves to the garden. 

Water features can enhance any space, especially the outdoor living space. If you live in Edmonton and have a relatively large outdoor space, keep it from going dull or lifeless. 

A fountain or small water body can add life to the space. Don’t you want to spend your weekends outdoors? Perhaps set up a grill on Sunday or read a romance novel. It’s also an excellent space for children to play and make memories. 

Why go to a resort or a hilly place when you’ve got a peaceful haven in your garden? The water feature is that peaceful element. 

Since you’re here and need some ideas for your outdoor space, we’d be happy to help. This article will unravel the water feature trends for your outdoor living space in Edmonton! Let’s check now:

Why is Water Features a Good Addition To Your Garden

Before we share some ideas, let’s highlight why it is wise to install a water feature. 

Sure, the water feature will enhance the look of the garden. But there are some compelling reasons to get a water feature. First of all, moving water is a good sign. Stagnant water invites mosquitos, algae growth, and other contaminants. 

When the water is moving, it creates a healthy environment for wishes. But it does not create a healthy environment for algae growth. 

Moving water is also nature’s antidepressant. Have you ever stood right beneath a waterfall? It feels surreal! You forget all your worries and feel at peace. Forget about a waterfall for a bit – when you sit near a river or a pond, the flowing water, and birds chirping calm your mind. There is something about water and feeling at peace. Have you ever considered the possibility that the two might be related? 

You can do so much in your garden! Of course, you can’t get a river or a waterfall, but some miniature ideas can work in a small garden. If you have ample space, there is a lot you can do with it too. 

You may invite wildlife into your garden if there are some water features. For example, birds can take a bath in the water, frogs can call out every evening, and fish can be a part of some water features. As long as there is flowing water, fish can thrive in perfect conditions. 

What are your thoughts? We know you are excited about decking up the space and adding a water feature. 

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? There are some excellent water feature trends that you can incorporate into your outdoor living space in Edmonton. Let’s find out what those are! 

Unravelling the Water Feature Trends 

We have some exciting water feature trends, some of which are budget-friendly. Let’s begin: 

Start small by installing a birdbath:

Bird baths are a beautiful element in a garden. A simple bucket or a bowl can be converted into a birdbath. You get beautifully designed bird baths at a budget in online stores too. Feel free to check out the options. Use decoration elements such as rocks, twigs, and pebbles to enhance the look of these bird baths. Make sure you change the water of this bird bath time and again so that birds can have an enjoyable experience. If you want something fancy, a garden designer can probably order a birdbath for your space. If you have the budget, you can create a little pond for the birds to enjoy the sunshine and take a quick bath each day. You will be their friendly neighbour! 

Go for a traditional fountain:

once again, if you have the budget, there is always scope for getting a terracotta or ceramic fountain in your outdoor living space. Fountains are such a beautiful feature! If you put them in a room, they will instantly look better. Fountains are useful because you get constantly flowing water, so it doesn’t invite algae growth or mosquitoes. Lastly, water cascading down to a basin offers a visual treat to all the guests and homeowners. You can spend the evening or the day near the fountain and read a book. Perhaps it will also become the most popular spot for parties. 

Creating a backyard pond is another brilliant option, but it’s also expensive.

The water can be a habitat for plants, fishes, and other creatures like frogs. These days you can find excellent pond designs. All you have to do is connect with a landscape architect in Edmonton. They will figure out what is allowed in your area. Please note that the design options of ponds are infinite. You get natural and modern designs, so speak to a professional and get a pond in your outdoor living space. A pond outside will be a peaceful space to relax and gather your thoughts. Don’t we need that in this fast-paced world? You can also get fish from the nearby aquarium and make them a part of your pond. Feel free to research the low-maintenance fishes that live in artificial ponds. 

Think about pondless water features:

A pond needs maintenance, but if you want to enjoy the water feature without the maintenance, opt for a pondless water feature. The water tumbles and streams from high to low. It creates a waterfall-like appearance. The lower end will be concealed. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Now that you know about the trending water features, it’s time to decide what can be done in your garden.  Do you want to create a simple bird bath or get your pond? Once you figure out what you need, the next step will be more straightforward. Get the best water feature installed and enjoy a peaceful time.

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