The Importance of Snow Removal in Edmonton, Alberta

Snow removal in Edmonton

With the harsh winter coming up and snow removal in Edmonton being so important during these months, it is crucial to find a snow removal service you can trust. At My Landscaping, we are experts at snow removal and landscaping for residential properties in Edmonton. We offer snow removal services that help homeowners enjoy their property all year round!

The Importance of Snow Removal

In the winter, it is the kind and safe thing to do for your neighbors and yourself to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Home, business property, and sometimes apartment owners are expected to clear sidewalks within a certain time period after the conclusion of a snowfall, which may range from four to 24 hours. If you’re an apartment or commercial building owner, clearing snow as soon as possible is critical since rain and heavy snow can cause problems later.

Slippery surfaces, such as ice and snow, are another hazard to consider during the winter. Snow removal may help prevent these situations, but continued maintenance to keep walkways and steps free of water will assist protect property owners from liability.

At My Landscaping, we see all levels of quality and quantity when it comes to snow removal. Be sure to contact us immediately to remove snow from your properties.

Tips for Snow Removal:

  • Snow removal is the key to preventing ice from developing
  • Shovel the sidewalk on all sides of the home.
  • Shovel the whole width of the sidewalk
  • Remove all ice with a shovel.
  • If necessary, use salt to melt the ice and keep track of changes in the salt logs (i.e. location, date, time, etc.).
  • Sprinkling a little sand after the walkway has been cleared can prevent slipping.
  • Shovel around garbage cans and recycling bins.
  • Pile snow on the premises rather than on the road or alley.
  • Use the appropriate snow removal equipment to avoid back injuries.
  • Organize for snow removal during scheduled vacations.

Be aware of snow removal laws in your town.

Don’t shovel snow into the street or snow banks.

Never leave snow on top of parked cars and motorcycles, especially those that are off the road for extended periods (i.e., winter storage).  

Before snow arrives, purchase snow removal equipment.

Be sure snow blowers are large enough to clear the width of sidewalks and driveways in a single pass.

Buy salt brine or rock salt for melting ice on walkways and other slippery surfaces.

Purchase snow shovels that can easily be pushed through heavy snow rather than lifted upwards from deep drifts.

Don’t buy too much equipment; it’s better to have two smaller units with one being electric powered (i.e., cordless). Make use of lightweight plastic shovels! They will reduce injuries by allowing you to lift less weight over time while performing snow removal tasks without causing muscle strain or back injury due to their ergonomic design. When compared with traditional metal alternatives, lightweight shovels are better for your back!

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