7 Tips for Landscaping Around Trees

7 Tips for Landscaping Around Trees

People water their trees regularly and trim the unwanted ones, but they often forget to take care of the ground around the trees. As a result, your tree roots are exposed to the dirt and weeds that aren’t welcome. So, how exactly can you build a landscape around the trees? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to planning a landscape.

Tips for Landscaping Around Trees

You might have to deal with the damaged tree roots, shades, limited space, dry soil, and irrigation problems. Below we have shared a few quick, easy, and creative landscaping ideas that work for nearly all landscapes. No matter how many trees you have grown or how small your budget is, these few tips will help you grow an attractive landscape. Let’s take a look:

Add Mulch to Your Garden

Mulch is a cost-effective and perfect way to add colors to your garden and cover all the exposed roots efficiently. It also enhances the beauty of your garden. What mulch you need for your space and the color you should choose is your decision.

Plant Flowers

Your dream of a perfect landscape is incomplete without flowers. While the trees look lovely standing alone in the garden, flowers can keep them company. The yellow daffodils and pink or purple petunias can brighten up your dull landscape. These flowers planted underneath those thick branches will definitely draw the attention of your guests. Plus, it will create a beautiful landscape where you can spend some fun and quality time with your family. Make it more attractive by building a flower bed under a huge tree in your back or front yard. Flowers add color to your landscape, making it super vibrant and gorgeous.

Build a Deck around Your Tree

A patio or the pool deck built around your tree can create an aesthetically appealing landscape. It’s definitely a rare design. Trees will add a dramatic effect to your landscape. The purpose of adding trees to your exteriors is to improve the aesthetics of your landscape while creating a shade. Picture a giant tree on the patio just 2-3 feet away from your couch. It helps create a serene environment, transforming your dull and boring landscape into something extraordinary.

Night Lights

Another way to enhance your home’s curb appeal is by adding lights. Not only do they enhance the security of your place, but these lights brighten up your space. What’s the point in investing in your landscape when everything goes to waste when the sun goes down? When used the right way, lights can accentuate the structure of your home and offer a great level of security when you need to step outside your house. It’s also a great way to set the mood. Invite your friends and colleagues for a get-together, organize the appetizers, and flip the lights. You are all set for a great evening.

You could also save some money on these lightings by investing in the solar-powered strands of bulbs. These lights derive power from the sun. You could save hundreds of bucks, in the long run, using solar panel lighting for your exteriors. How you arrange these lights is up to you. From trees to your ceilings, you can accentuate any decor item using the exterior lights.

Install Stone Pavers

The most important part of your landscaping project is flooring. The flooring material you choose for your landscape will increase your property’s value. Use natural stone pavers if you want to render an organic feel to your landscape. Or, you can use concrete for a modern and sophisticated look. Flooring also covers the roots of your trees, holds the mulch in place, and adds a layer of protection for your lawn. These pavers look lovely on your walkways. You can place these pavers a few inches apart and cover the gap with grass, crushed stones, gravel, and other decor items.

Install a Hanging Chair

Retain the old-world charm in your landscape by installing a hanging chair. Hang this chair from your tree and enjoy quality time under the shade. You can install sandstone or granite pavers underneath the hanging chair and cover the rest of the garden with grass. Read a book in the chair or sip your morning coffee. It’s the best way to spend some quality time alone, especially in summer evenings.

If the hanging chair is not your thing, you can transform your garden into a space made entirely for you. You could simply install a comfortable seat beneath the tree or a hammock where you can rest in the evening. Read a book, grab your journal, or enjoy your tea under the shade. You can brainstorm plenty of such ideas to make this space more beautiful. Perhaps, a water feature is all you need to complete your landscape and turn your garden into the most relaxing space.

A Retaining Wall

You need a focal point in your landscape that draws your guests’ attention as they enter through the main door. If you don’t already have a focal point yet, consider creating one with the help of a retaining wall. We have already mentioned how lovely the stone pavers look on the floor. Make it even better by building a retaining wall around the tree. It is exactly what you need to increase the beauty of your landscape and give your space a rustic feel. A retaining wall doesn’t only improves the aesthetics, but it is quite functional. These walls prevent erosion problems and keep your tree and the floors intact.

Bottom Line These were only to name a few. There are plenty of easy and effective landscaping ideas around trees that can help you build a stunning garden. Try mulch, hanging chair, and retaining walls on your patios and give it a modern finish. If you are having a hard time planning your landscape, call My Landscaping services in Edmonton at tel: +1 587-806-4289 and get the best creative ideas for your landscape.

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